Is your business aligned to deliver best-in-class Customer Experience? Find out with the Ethology Experience Quotient


Measuring something as intangible as experience is a tough task but is something we feel is vital to guide and direct an organisation's efforts towards achieving, maintaining or improving their CX ambitions.



We’ve created the Ethology Experience Quotient, or EXQ, to measure fundamental elements of CX that will uncover areas of opportunity as well as highlighting what’s already working well.

Find areas of opportunity, uncover potential weaknesses, be armed with the knowledge that enables you to act.

See if you make the grade.

As well as the Ethology Experience Quotient, we also offer a full consultancy service, which will immerse us within your business.

This will provide you with an holistic and detailed report for you to action as an organisation or in partnership with our CX experts in the areas you feel you need the greatest support.

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