Delivering surprise and delight… through data!

Imagine a magical future


We promote all Disney On Ice, Marvel Universe LIVE! and Monster Jam events across the UK. And as magical as the shows themselves are, we felt there was more that could be done to spread a little of the magic to the surrounding customer experience.



Getting inside their heads


Extensive qualitative and quantitative audience research programmes helped us to empathise with the customer base and prospects. We were able to bring this to life in a workshop that placed the leadership team squarely in the customer’s shoes to start reimagining what the experience should be.


Swimming – not drowning – in data


Feld are incredibly data rich: transactional, behavioural, social, venue, ticket agency, partners, media performance. Trouble is, none of it was connected. We pooled this wealth of raw info into a data lake and from this, developed a single hub to collect, house and interpret this into powerful insights. This included smart purchase modelling, campaign planning and execution – all presented in an intuitive, adaptable and user-friendly dashboard.



Building on strong foundations


Having the hub in place let us develop a communications plan highly targeted and relevant to each individual because we understood their profile and preferences.


It has informed the development of a pre-ordering web page, with the vision of a future app for pre-ordering merch, food and drink directly to your seat. It told us people were hungry for new human touchpoints in and around venues to assist and entertain customers at the stresspoints of their journey. And with the new MI and insights available to us, we were able to attract new partners and sponsorship opportunities that previously didn’t exist.


Surprised and delighted


Our eCRM programme generates average ROI of 1:36. In the words of the client, "One of the most effective elements in Feld Entertainment's marketing mix."



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