Empowering employees through powerful analytics


A powerful engine of insight


Our bespoke-build digital hub makes it simple for Aviva’s Sales teams to prep for meetings and plan successful outcomes, delivering the insight they need across all sectors and sizes of businesses.



A deeper understanding


We worked closely with the marketing and sales teams to uncover their operational pain points whilst identifying areas of opportunity – how they interact with their clients, each other and the information sources they rely on. We conducted stakeholder sessions, focus groups and remote user testing throughout the project to ensure the hub slotted seamlessly into the sales process.


Easy does it


As complex as the hub’s functionality was, the user interface had to remain intuitive to ensure uptake was high. We created a single, powerful search mechanism, integrating internal collateral alongside external insight.



Content optimised, confusion minimised


Bringing together internal and external insight sources has empowered the sales team to share crucial content on markets, competitors and sectors and collaborate with each other on live projects.
What’s more, it allows Aviva to ensure they’re always serving the latest compliance-approved version while allowing each individual to house the collateral they need, the way they need it.


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